Patch Program

To earn the Girls Who Soar Badge, complete the activities below to learn about and get started as a young aviatrix!


  1. Visit the Video Lessons tab. Watch each video lesson and
    complete the corresponding worksheet.’
  2. Complete one of the following:
    • Visit a local Experimental Aviation Association Young Eagles Rally (find one on ) and take a discovery flight in a small aircraft.
    • Attend a “Let’s Fly Now” event through The Ninety-Nines Inc., Women Pilots Association and take a discovery flight in a small aircraft. Check with your local 99s chapter to find the next available event.
    • Design your own aircraft. Can be created by hand or digitally. Provide a description of your aircraft’s characteristics.
    • Complete your student pilot certificate application if you are 15 or older! (
    • Sign up for a ground school program to begin aviation studies!
  3. Send in your worksheets and proof of one of the activities above to [email protected] along with your name and address to receive your Girl Who Soar Patch!