Video Lessons

Want to learn about aviation? Instructional videos to see more and determine next steps in your journey of flight are below!

Complete the worksheets in each section to quiz yourself and follow along!


Learn a little bit about Pepper and learn about the possibilities in the world of aviation!

The Four Forces Of Flight

Learn about how the plane works!

Parts of the Plane

We know how the plane flies, but why is it shaped the way it is? What do all of the parts do? Learn about the plane’s control surfaces and their purposes below.


Before we go fly, we have to make sure the airplane is in tip-top condition. Click to see the airplane up close and learn how we care for it.

Pilot Speak – Phonetic Alphabet

Pilot’s speak a special way on the radio to be understood and understand others better. Learn the differences between day-today language and the pilot’s lingo!

Let’s Plan a Flight!

Learn all about the preparation pilots complete before going on long trips! Planning before hand is essential to a safe flight!

Take a Flight with Pepper!

Fly with me!

Becoming a Pilot 101

Are you hooked? Learn about how YOU can become a pilot too!