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    Progress with Girl Scouts of the USA

    The petition is now over 1,700 signatures! The support is incredible, so much so that we finally got the attention of Girl Scouts programming leadership! I recently had the privilege of meeting with two incredible women that serve as director and vice president on the Girl Scout programming and experience sectors. They reached out to me initially via email after them receiving word of the petition and advocacy efforts, and seeing the petition’s support. Major strides have been taken in the Girl Scouting program, including reevaluating curriculum and badges to better serve the Girl Scouts of the future. Due to these initiatives, the creation of an aviation or engineering badge…

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  • Updates!

    The Petition

    In the past, Girl Scouts has encouraged programs that introduce girls to a variety of career fields, like medicine or law. Several of these careers have been made into exploratory patches where girls can learn more about the career and see if it is something they might be interested in. In the Boy Scouts of America’s Aviation patch, they even encourage scouts to fly in a small aircraft as a part of the badge requirements. On the other hand, Girl Scouts has guidelines prohibiting the use of privately owned aircraft in affiliation with Girl Scouts for any purpose, including privately owned aircraft. This inspired me to create a petition that…